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Will technology ever replace the security guard?

By February 27, 2020September 26th, 2023No Comments

Technology has become ubiquitous and permeates every aspect of our daily lives; smartphones in our pockets, online digital assistants in the home, the use of artificial intelligence and data mining in the workplace, there now appears to be the potential for a better, smarter solution for almost every task.

The use of technology in various guises can make our personal and professionals lives better by streamlining processes and taking on the repetitive, precision tasks. Some believe that technology will help, while others are more sceptical as to its scope and impact with moral and ethical issues to consider.

The pace of technological change combined with a horde of emerging threats and instability across many regions of the globe, creates many questions for the security industry, and in particular that of manned guarding. Given the changing nature of the world and everyday threats, will the manned guard soon be a thing of the past?


CCTV and Technology in Security

There is a huge amount of digital technology available for security work these days. Involving everything from advanced CCTV and facial recognition to cloud based log books and digital locks. With all this technology at their disposal, there have been many business leaders opting for a mix of these instead of manned guarding in an effort to save budget, and create a smaller and more efficient operation than a large security team.

The innovations of technology are a huge help to the security industry and will often give you a wonderful toolset to help execute security work. But only a genuine human intervention can truly stop a theft, especially while it’s in progress. CCTV and locks can also be vandalised. And despite CCTV often working as a deterrent, there is no greater discouragement than the presence of a uniformed security guard.


Artificial Intelligence

There have been great strides made in artificial intelligence, but there is still much development and progress to be made. Computer systems can analyse data, images and information more quickly and more effectively than humans, but currently doesn’t have the ability to adapt and change to new, undefined stimuli to the extent that trained security officers can.


Security Androids

Machine-based systems are actually becoming increasingly common place in many industries. Automated securityrobots already exist today, although they are still rudimentary and primitive in form and function. While there are many who believe that automated security guards could eventually replace human security guards, there is a strong case to be made that this is simply not possible with today’s technology. The scale of security work done correctly means an android would currently lack the sensitivity, intuition and judgement of a fully trained security officer. And it doesn’t look like that will change any time soon.


Embracing technology

The security industry needs to provide effective and efficient systems and services to mitigate existing and future potential threats. New technology, in its many guises and applications, has and continues to be fully embraced and used throughout the security industry.

Guardforce Security Services closely monitors the viability of technology for security, and use systems such as our 24-hour control room to greatly support our security work. However for us, nothing can replace the instincts and skillset of highly-trained and professional security officer.



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