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Chief Executive Officer

Mick Iqbal

Mick Iqbal, is a distinguished professional with over 30 years of experience as a business entrepreneur, primarily in the security services industry. Mick is not only the Group Chief Executive Officer of Guardforce Global, a prominent player in the security sector but also oversees successful ventures in the United Arab Emirates.

Managing Director

Imran Iqbal

Imran Iqbal is the Managing Director of Guardforce Security, His leadership ensures the effective operation of the security company. Additionally, Imran’s HR expertise allows him to manage and develop the team, further enhancing the company’s performance and creating a safe and productive work environment. His diverse skill set makes him a valuable asset to both Guardforce Security and the broader industry.

Director of Services

Jawed Bukhari

As the Director of Services, Jawed Bukhari is a highly skilled and accomplished professional with a strong focus on service excellence. In this role, he provides strategic leadership and guidance to ensure the efficient and effective delivery of services within the organization. Jawed’s extensive experience and expertise are instrumental in driving the success of the services department, meeting client needs, and maintaining high standards of quality and customer satisfaction. His dedication and leadership contribute significantly to the overall success of the organization.

Service Manager

Arslan Mehfooz

Arslan is a highly accomplished leader with a proven track record in security services, including Security Guard, Retail Security, Mobile Patrol, Key Holding, and Alarm Response services. Joining Guardforce Global Security Services Ltd as a Security Service Manager in early 2023, Arslan oversees operational services in the UK.

Accounts Manager

Gus Luurtsema

Gus Luurtsema is a seasoned professional specializing in accounts and finance, with a proven track record in managing financial matters. In his role, he plays a crucial part in ensuring the fiscal health and stability of the organization. His responsibilities include overseeing financial operations, budgeting, and financial analysis, all of which are instrumental in making informed financial decisions. Gus’ expertise and attention to detail are invaluable in maintaining financial transparency, compliance, and the strategic financial planning that drives the success of the organization.

HR and Payroll Executive

Tsvetelina Dudeva

Tsvetelina is a seasoned professional in the realm of Human Resources and Payroll. With an impressive track record spanning 12 years, she has been a dedicated and vital member of Guardforce, contributing her expertise to ensure the smooth functioning of HR and payroll operations. In the dynamic world of corporate security, Tsvetelina stands out as a reliable and experienced professional who knows how to navigate the complexities of managing both the human and financial aspects of the business. With a decade-long legacy of excellence, she continues to play a pivotal role in shaping the success of the company.

Admin Apprentice

Cara Chan

We are thrilled to introduce Ms. Cara Chan, who has joined our UK Admin team as part of a Business Administration apprenticeship scheme. Cara brings a wealth of experience from a variety of fields, including administration and the travel industry, with a focus on marketing, sales, and customer service. Despite her short tenure, Cara has already made valuable contributions.

Business Development Manager

Antony Opondo

With over 15 years of industry experience, Antony is a hands-on creative professional dedicated to providing practical solutions. He brings a wealth of experience in business development with a strong focus on integrated physical security solutions, facilities management, and client relationship management.