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There’s more to security than just guarding

By September 14, 2019September 26th, 2023No Comments

It is perhaps, a sign of the times that many of us are familiar with the sight of uniformed security personnel at shopping centres, business facilities, sports arenas, airports and private residential communities to name but a few.

The sight of a security officer in these public places can provide a reassuring presence. Although a visual deterrent is paramount, it’s often little known that there is a much greater service offered than just that of a security guard clad in a uniform wearing a peaked cap.

Providing a comprehensive service

Typically, guarding security services will involve the provision of manned guarding, mobile patrols, key holding and alarm response services all supported by an effective and vigilant central communication hub usually known as a Control Room or Control and Command Centre in Guardforce.

Manned guarding is key to an effective security solution, enabling a proactive resource that is able to anticipate, protect and manage situations as they occur. Mobile patrols can make random, out-of-hours site visits and contain problems as and when they arise. Key-holding and alarm response services allow experienced mobile security personnel to manage and maintain security at premises as and when most required/needed.

The physical guarding as part of security work is only a fraction of the work performed by Guardforce; mitigating against potential threats to ensure the safety and security of people, possessions and premises, is hugely and increasingly important.

Customer focus and response

Developing a pro-active, service-driven relationship with all clients and stakeholders is essential to Guardforce’s customer engagement philosophy. Actively representing a business or community requires a security solutions provider that understands and responds to the needs and requirements of the client.

Regular communication between all parties is essential. Guardforce Security Services Ltd aim is to work seamlessly with clients to ensure that all aspects of the security services are correctly implemented, regularly reviewed, revised and adapted – as and when necessary. 

Expertise and reputation

Guardforce Security Services Ltd have a reputation for the exemplary service levels, quality and expertise of its dedicated security provision. In an industry where costs are scrutinised, each and every Guardforce deployment whether it be manned, mobile or bespoke is specifically tailored to provide a cost-effective solution to meet the individual needs of the client.



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