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Impersonating a police officer? Our uniforms explained…

By March 27, 2020September 26th, 2023No Comments

A question that’s come up a lot for us on social media recently is the question of our uniforms.


Most security officers and guards of course wear uniforms that represent the company they work for. Providing security officers with uniforms has numerous benefits and should not be overlooked when establishing business with a private security company.



Civilians interpret someone in a uniform as more productive and credible than someone not in uniform. Part of building a successful security company is ensuring that the brand image is associated with expertise and professionalism. Uniforms accomplish this in a cost-effective, simple way.


Guardforce UniformImpersonating a police officer

Guardforce Security Services uniform was designed to provide and maintain a smart, professional appearance for security officers on client assignments.

Uniformed security officers ensure that clients feel safe, while also promoting brand recognition. The uniform help creates a sense of pride for officers and shows current and prospective clients that the security company operates in a professional manner.

All items of Guardforce Security Services uniform are marked with a Guardforce logo.


Sense of Pride

Being part of a well-respected and recognized security company is something to be proud of. Uniforms help to foster a team mentality which boosts morale, productivity, and pride in the organisation. Uniforms help officers to feel appreciated as an integral representative of Guardforce Security Services.


Peace of Mind

Clients engage with private security companies to ensure that individuals on their sites are safe and secure. With uniformed security officers on-site, civilians immediately know who to speak to about security issues or concerns, reinforcing their peace of mind.

Providing uniforms also lowers the risk of criminal activities. Uniforms are an easy and cost-effective crime prevention tactic that will cause opportunistic criminals to think twice.


Police and Complimentary services

It is often thought that the uniforms of security staff closely resemble that of the Police force. Any resemblance to Police uniform should be considered as coincidental and it is not the intention of Guardforce to misleading anyone taking our security staff as police officers.

Guardforce Security Services are complimentary services to the Police continue to proactively support the Police force and local community.

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Providing uniforms for security officers is beneficial for any security organisation looking to ensure a professional and reputable approach. Uniformed staff help to maintain professionalism, client relationships, brand awareness and develop new business opportunities.



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